7 Ways How Music Helps You Lose Weight

Ever wondered why professional athletes like listening to music during their workout sessions? According to several studies, music reduces the stress involved in training as well as from workplace or home. Scientists also say that music can help you lose weight faster. Exciting, right? But how?

How music helps you lose weight faster

1. Music will make you want to continue exercising

One of the reasons many people don’t lose weight is, they don’t want to train much harder. They’ll jog for some few minutes and stop because they are bored. The funny thing about music is that it makes you forget everything that has happened and that is going on around you. It will make you jog a little further, run much faster and jump a lot without knowing. According to some post on acefitness.org, music resembles a legal drug that is intended for athletes that will level up your endurance by 15%. Due to this, it makes it easier for you to forget about exhaustion encouraging you to continue exercising to burn more fat.

2. Helps you to stick to your workout program

To lose weight successfully, you need to stick to your workout program no matter how boring it gets. Unfortunately, that is the hardest part of it all. What happens is, many people get excited the first time they hear or read about an effective weight loss exercise routine. They will start, but unfortunately, temptations such as cravings are always waiting along the way. According to the director of Fairleigh Dickinson University School of Psychology, Christopher Capuano, music makes it easy for one to adhere to his or her workout routine. He says that those who listen to music are 98% adherent to their workout routines which is high than the 68% of those who exercise without music. Apparently, that will make it easy for music fanatics to lose weight faster than those who don’t. The point is, music will help you stick to your weight loss exercise program. See The Beta Switch Reviews.org to get on the right path of diets and workout routines.

3. It reduces the pain

Most probably, you will feel more pain when all your thoughts are focussed on what is causing it. Music takes you to an imaginary world, making you forget about your pain so that you can continue exercising. In the year 2013, researchers at McGill University performed a study that proved that music could replace opiate drugs when dealing with postoperative pain. Although music is not intended to substitute any form of medication, it can reduce the usual pains that are common when exercising. Due to this, it makes it easier for you to survive throughout your workout sessions.

4. Prevents eating that is emotionally related

Bad moods will not only prevent you from exercising but will also encourage emotional eating which is never good when you are trying to lose weight. In the year 2013, Linos and Moris, who are researchers from University of Athens conducted a study that proved that music could reduce anxiety and stress, eliminating the needs of anesthetic and analgesic drugs. What happens is, the music encourages your brain to release more dopamine that makes you happy and reduces stress hormones such as cortisol. If you are those people who eat more when stressed, then it is time you considered listening to music, particularly, the classic genre.

5. Music makes the time to fly

When exercising, you will feel that time is moving slower than usual which can be discouraging. Music is known to make time feel like it is moving faster even when you are exercising so hard. If you choose to exercise when you favorite music is playing, you will be concentrating on the music instead of the pain inflicted on your body. Take, for example; it is hard to workout continuously for four minutes. What about if your music is 4 minutes? Simple, you will want to listen to it all. Before you know it, you will have exercised for 4 minutes without stopping. In short, music makes time feel shorter than usual.

6. It improves recovery after exercising

If you exercise vigorously, you might not be able to exercise the next day if your body is hurting. Music has been proven to speed up recovery after engaging in vigorous workouts. According to some study, music will relax and help your muscles recover much faster. This finding can be new to you because we are used to seeing people listening to music when exercising and not when they are done trying to take a break from it. The fact is, music makes our body feel more relaxed, which is a requirement for your body to recover much faster.

7. Music makes us feel happy

All you need when exercising is happiness. The truth is, you can’t be happier than when listening to your favorite music. Even when you are exhausted, music will make you feel good about yourself and what you are doing. Due to this, you will survive hours of vigorous workouts without realizing how hard you are exercising. Due to this, you will be able to complete your workout session without wanting to, making it even easier to burn more fat.

The bottom line

Exercising is tough. If you are not an athlete, it will be hard for you to stick to an exercise program, especially when you are always busy. But ask yourself this question, why do we find time to watch movies, take a vacation or go to clubs? Simple, they are fun. Exercising is never fun, but music can turn things around. So, if you want to lose weight much faster, start listening to music more often.


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